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Artificial Intelligence, Real Solutions

How Big Data is Revolutionizing Medicine from Bench to Bedside



THE AAPS-USC STUDENT CHAPTER INVITES YOU TO JOIN US AT our annual Moving targets scientific research symposium on August 23rd, 2019 IN LOS ANGELES, CA. THIS ONE-DAY RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM WILL FOCUS ON applications of big data analysis TO IMPROVE various aspects of medicine, from DRUG DEVELOPMENT to healthcare.



The goals of Moving Targets are two fold: (1) to explore future targets for medications with limited addictive potential, and (2) to foster interaction between graduate students and leading scientists, innovators, and policymakers from academia, industry, and government. Attracting a broad audience of nearly 200 attendees, Moving Targets is attended by local and international students, faculty, and professionals from graduate schools, medical schools and pharmacy schools.